CS:GO Player Sparkles Spent $15,000 to Get His Dream Skin

Sparkles is a well known Counter-Strike: Global Offensive YouTuber, and he always does a lot of questionable things just to keep his followers entertained. Fortunately, he had an ace up his sleeve to get his goal within reach: lots of money. Sparkles has just spent an estimated $ 15,000 on the game to get a single weapon skin. This skin is the StatTrak AK47 fire snake in a brand new condition. And he shared the whole action on his YouTube channel.

"I will try to find the skin I have been dreaming of since I played this game for the first time and tried to get it and never make it successful. I tried several times ...", began Sparkles.

He showed how he had hit the skin before, but only with minimal wear.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers players several ways to get weapon skins, but Sparkles chose the trade-up method. At the end of his insane effort, he estimates that he spent about 15 giants on the skin, and there was a possibility that he might have left empty-handed.

It is a well known fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are able to spend outrageously on the rarest weapon skins. A few hundred dollars is already unthinkable for many players, but there are of course those who spend up to a dozen (or several hundred thousand dollars) on a cosmetic item.

However, Sparkles not only bought the skin on the community market (although it's also difficult to get there), but also chose to get it through so-called contracts. Thanks to them, we can exchange ten skins from a specific collection for a higher value one. This is not a very popular method because it is usually not financially viable due to the high randomness. In addition, the Youtuber was looking for a model of skin with a built-in Statrak (Frag Counter), so the chances of getting it were even less. And if you want to trade cs: go skins for real money, Ssegames is the best choice.

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When a player receives 10 weapons from a collection, they can essentially exchange all 10 for a better rated weapon skin from the same collection. Obviously, this is an expensive and risky way to get counter-strike skins, as the player doesn't even have the guarantee of getting the desired skin after trading.

To the average reader, it sounds absolutely crazy to spend that amount of money on something that's completely cosmetic, and in fact it is. The estimated cost of the skin, according to cs.money, is approximately $ 7.5 thousand. That is half of what Sparkles spent. Nevertheless, Sparkles makes money with Counter-Strike and its YouTube channel. So if something as crazy as this one generates more views and therefore revenue, it probably didn't cost nearly as much as it seems. It appears that he shows no signs that he will soon stop chasing expensive CS: GO skins because the description of his video says "30,000 likes for Blue Gem St Fn attempts" and the video currently has 38,000 likes Has.

Sparkles definitely went a bit tough, but he got the skin of his dreams. And he had to make a funny new video. Viewers should only be careful that this type of buying and trading is not always the most efficient way to get a desired skin.