With the conclusion of the ESL Road to Rio competitions, DraftKings’ CS:GO action turns to the Blast Rising as well as the Hellcase Cup. We break down some picks from DraftKings’ three-game slate on Monday.


Cruc1al ($14,100)
Cruc1al’s form has held Endpoint in good stead during a critical time in their run into the top 25. He has been one of their most important offensive players as is evident from his average of 0.74 kills per round in the past three months of CS:GO action. He has also kept his death rate low, to 0.63 per game, giving him the best K/D in his team. He should also enjoy the advantageous matchup against Avez on Monday.

Others to consider: Tenzki ($15,000)

High-priced flex options

Tenzki ($10,000)
Along with HS, Tenzki forms the offensive core of Nordavind. Tenzki is arguably the better all-round player, able to increase his KAST by keeping his death rate low. He had 24 kills along with 21 deaths in the previous Blast Rising matchup against Ago in a best-of-one game. He has also maintained a K/D of about 1.10 this year.

Keoz ($8,600)
Keoz is coming into this game on the back of an appalling performance against Nemiga in the Road to Rio competition. As a result, his inclusion in this list might surprise you, but I’d always choose skill over temporary form. He had some strong performances prior to that game and has been consistently averaging about 0.70 kills per round this year.

Mar (8,000)
Mar is a strong hedging target from Fate in their upcoming game against Nordavind. He is easily the best player from Fate. Even though they start as underdogs, it’s still worth picking a team’s most proficient player to balance out your risk portfolio. He has 0.71 kills along with 0.68 deaths per round in the past three months. No other player from Fate has a positive K-D in the same period.

Others to consider: Thomas ($8,800).

Value flex options

Sixer ($7,600)
If you want to spread out your roster evenly or pick a player from each team, then Sixer would be the best choice from LDLC. He has been simply terrific in the past few months. In 2020, he has managed 528 kills (0.74 per round) and 444 deaths (0.64 per round), giving him a K/D of 1.19 this year. There aren’t too many other reliable options from LDLC either.

Mou ($7,400)
Experience can often be an underrated factor in CS:GO. An experienced player would know how to avoid losing battles and disadvantageous situations. Mou has more than 27,000 rounds of experience. He also has close to 20,000 kills (19,818 at a rate of 0.71 per round) with a lifetime K/D of close to 1.10. That’s where his value lies because his price is quite affordable.

Others to consider: HS ($7,800), Kylar ($7,200).