How to Earn TI10 Battle Pass Rewards Without Spending Money

Dota 2 fans have now had approximately a week to familiarize themselves with the International 10 Battle Pass, and familiarity leads to contempt.

The TI10 Battle Pass has been criticized by fans on social media for various reasons. From Reddit to Twitter to YouTube, people have plunged deep into the Battle Pass, and while few deny that there are a number of outstanding rewards, many have problems with what is required to receive these rewards.

The biggest complaint from fans is that Valve continues to lower the quality of the rewards that can be achieved simply by grinding the BP levels by playing the game.

In the past few years, premium cosmetics could be acquired simply by purchasing the basic version of the Battle Pass and completing daily and weekly challenges, playing the limited-time game mode, etc. While it has always been necessary to earn extra money to receive all premium rewards, the eye-catching skins in the TI10 Battle Pass are likely to be far out of reach for anyone who doesn't buy levels.

BP is harder to earn in the TI10 Battle Pass

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that BP will be significantly more difficult to earn in 2020 than in previous years.

One of the most important ways to earn BP is through the in-game betting system. While players could easily earn up to two levels a week or even more, depending on which level their combat pass was on, Valve lowered the available tokens by about 20%. This has been offset to some extent by the addition of a bonus system when the player can put together a winning streak, but it certainly seems to be the intent to make it more difficult to earn levels.

In addition, the daily and weekly challenges were eliminated. They have been replaced by the guild reward system, which has the potential for bigger rewards, but the end goal again seems to make it harder to earn BP.

After all, recycling immortal treasures offers incredibly weak rewards. While they used to be recycled directly for levels, this year it gives players gold for a new feature called Sideshop. While players can earn various rewards from this, it still does little to help players who focus on premium arkanas that turn Wraith King into Skeleton King or Anti-Mage into its female counterpart.

How to get the TI10 Battle Pass without spending money

There is little doubt that Valve is actively trying to make it difficult for players to improve their combat pass. While much of the Battle Pass success is in its big rewards, Valve learns even more how to get reliable money out of Dota 2 players.

Chances are that players won't be able to earn all five premium skins in the Battle Pass without spending any money, no matter how much they grind. The cave crawl consists of only two levels, and guild rewards simply don't offer enough rewards. Even with things like tips and rewards from the limited-time game mode, players can't get the coveted Windranger Arcana.

Ultimately, to get the most out of their TI10 Battle Pass, all players can win bets, clarify their priorities in the sideshop, and complete the cave crawl. The good news is that players may have a little more time to get rewards, as the date of TI10 is still unknown at this point. Previous rates of the Battle Pass lasted less than five months, while it is likely to take at least six months.

However, Dota 2 players must be willing to pay if they want to receive every available reward. And if you want to make real money from Dota2, is an online Dota 2 Trading Bot that lets you exchange your unwanted Dota 2items for arcana, immortals or good skins, safely and quickly.