Major June 10 CS:GO Update

Valve released the patch notes for today's update. This time it's obvious that they have finally listened to the community's requirements and revealed that they flipped Dust B's B-bomb doors and reverted to version 1.6. In addition, the developer has made some minor changes to Mirage, Inferno, Train, Overpass and Cache.

Except for a slight improvement in rendering and a few others. The update has made many changes to the main cards like Dust 2, Overpass, Mirage and Cache, most of which aim to improve the visibility of player models across parts of the cards.

A new option called "Boost Player Contrast" has been added to the game’s advanced video settings. This tweak allows for a variety of small visual tweaks to ensure that players can see enemies from any distance without affecting the visual design too much or offering too much of an advantage.

Enemies appear sharper at greater distances, the fog intensity on character models has been halved and some cards (like Dust 2) have also been slightly modified. If the model is against a background that is similar in color to it, a small halo is also used to make them pop out more.

To get a feel for how long this was a problem for the game, in the days of Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source there were modified character models that had bright, bright colors to increase visibility. They have been considered a scam by most people, so it's nice to see that Valve is finally officially addressing this issue

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a brutal game in which you can play a whole round with one slip. Anything that gives people a chance to fight without compromising their competitive character is a good move. It will likely not turn a newbie into a professional sniper, but with luck, it could keep him in the game long enough so that it is no longer a problem.

Here are the full patch notes for the June 10 update, according to Valve.


Added the ‘Boost Player Contrast’ advanced video setting, which improves the legibility of players in low contrast situations.


Adjusted some agent textures for improved visibility.


Adjusted dropped C4 collision geometry.

Fixed Danger Zone drone pilot camera getting stuck when drone received burn damage.

Added Desert Eagle shell eject event for last bullet fired.


Minor texture streaming optimizations.



Removed large ivy-models near bathrooms by A site

Removed thin windows in bathrooms by A site

Removed bicycle by picnic by A long

Brightened up connector tunnel

Brightened up T spawn

Added nice stone trims


Flipped B site doors

Simplified background when looking from B tunnels towards truck in mid

Changed fog start distance from 1000 to 512, changed max density from .2 to .4

Raised windows by A site ramp to make characters stand out more


Removed trash pile at top of mid

Trimmed plant by T spawn, towards apartments

Boosted light in market window

Fixed silent dropdown bug from B site balcony

Changed angle of ladder in ladder-room


Trimmed ivy by CT spawn towards A site arch

Fixed CSM shadow from tower in mid


Added new train bumper model with flat top


Replaced ladder to sniper’s nest with a box

Cleaned up several important angles.

Added 1v1 Arenas

Replaced cargo containers with new model for improved performance

Visibility improvements in T entrance to A Main

Fixed unwanted/unintuitive wallbang in Mid Shed

Subtle color tweaks

Various clipping fixes