New Fracture Case and Maps in the Latest CS:GO Update

In the latest CS: GO update released on August 7th, Valve added 17 new weapon skins and Shattered Web Knives as part of the new Fracture Case. Improvements to some jargon as well as updates and fixes to the latest maps in the game have also made it.

Bug fixes and map updates to improve playability are always welcome, but you'll likely see some of these cute, cute skins here.

The case is the first to be published since the Prisma 2 case in early March. As in the previous Prism 2 case, all 17 skins are community creations. The Shattered Web Knives are rare special items that can be unlocked in this case. The new case features 17 different finishes, including a rare appearance of both the CT M4A4 and T AK-47 in the same case. In addition to the two main rifles, the case also contains skins for the Glock and the P2000.

csgo Fracture Case

The case using the background from Operation Shattered Web of 2019 may have originally been intended as the second case of that operation. Images from CSGO's official blog download with the prefix "sw2" which might explain why the Fraktur case also includes the full collection of Shattered Web knives as rare and special drops.

The latest maps from CSGO, Mutiny and Swamp, have also been updated several times along with the publication of the latest CSGO case. Some minor adjustments were made to Anubis.

New CSGO update improves new maps

Mutiny has made changes to the distance at which the map is hidden to improve performance, as well as changes to the map's ivy models. In terms of gameplay, the A-Site wall of the map has been lowered, a new boost has been made possible on the CT side of the A-Site, and changes have been made to the rock formation from T-Spawn to A to make it more varied with a stronger one allow different angles for grenade throws.

Swamp's notes are much less detailed but include "great FPS" and the replacement of some of the water material that is a key feature of the map. Community map patch notes are often written by the map creators. Hence, the reduced notes can be attributed to the willingness and ability of the creator to describe changes made, rather than making fewer corrections overall for Swamp.

Full patch notes can be found on the official CSGO blog.

AK-47 Legion of Anubis

The release of the Fractured case fits right in with CSGO's content release windows over the past few years and keeps CSGO on track for a possible release of another case in the coming months. For most of the media, essentially served as "Shattered Web 2" by the CSGO official blog, this case may just be a holdover from the original operation that ended in March and doesn't confirm that a new operation is on the way anytime soon is.

CS: GO August 8 full patch notes
Introduced the Fracture Case with designs of over 17 community artist-designed weapon surfaces and the Shattered Web Knives as rare specialty items.

- The main menu movie for Mutiny has been updated.
- Several exploits related to VPK manipulations have been fixed.
- The untrustworthy startup option is no longer supported

- Several improvements to the SDR network protocol:
- Improved SDR routing selection logic
- Fixed SDR network sessions not being used after expiration
- Improved stability

- Fixed some clipping, z-fighting and invisible surface bugs
- Fixed enemies being spotted through the wall near the bridge. (Thanks Chaelin!)
- Removed palm shadows from the bridge
- Wallbang on the main B route fixed
- Fixed weapons falling through stairs and other parts of the floor.
- The grenade windows have been added to B again.
- New skin for double door in the middle.
- Various minor fixes.

- Significant performance improvement in all areas of the card (Thanks Joaokaka1998 for testing!)
- Adjusted dissolve distances to improve performance
- Added more hint / jump brushes to separate certain visleaves
- Ivy models have been added to improve performance when rendering multiple at the same time

How to play:
- Lowered part of the wall on A Site
- Modified rock formation at top T to A into a wall to improve visibility and grenade potential
- Added cover in the middle of the B connector
- Cover at the exit of the middle to the A connector removed
- The cover on the side path near the back of A Site has been removed
- The position of the cover on the catwalk has been adjusted
- Adjusted the position of the cover at T to A down
- Increased ceiling height by A Site & CT at A, allowing players at A Site to step onto the wall
- Increased ceiling height around the CT entrance to B.
- The deathmatch spawn position near A Site has been adjusted

- The ambient lighting has been adjusted for better visual contrast
- Fixed the flickering of several bush supports on the map
- Shadows have been removed from some foliage models, e.g. B. in The Squid building
- Missing textures with various shifts on the map have been fixed
- Fixed various floating models on the map (windows, lamps, etc.)
- Improved cutting of wooden pillars at the dock
- The clipping around rocks at T to A Upper has been optimized
- Fixed numerous bomb points (thanks Joaokaka1998!)
- The bomb will now teleport back to dry land if the player drops it while standing on the small boat
- Added multiple triggers to reset bombs around A Site, B Site and Dock
- Fixed the wrongly rotated tarpaulin model on the dock
- Removed leaves on the wall of a site
- Changed the treasure map in the T spawn ship to have a more precise name
- Updated overview

Main changes:
- Swamp has great FPS now
- Replaced water material
- Made lighter in some areas
- Radar updated
- Fixed more clipping

- The corner near the old saw blades in the back room was closed
- Depression in the wall at the T entrance

- Made lighter background in the corner near the T-entrance

- Closed a gap where a gun could fall in between