Five CS GO pros who can make it big in Valorant

06/08/2020 PM

The closed beta version of VALORANT had an unprecedented success and attracted players from all FPS genres.

However, there is one particular game in which VALORANT attracted the highest numbers both for professionals and for average players. And that's from Valves CS: GO.

During the closed beta itself, we saw many CS: GO professionals and streamers who uprooted their already established careers and switched to a completely different IP. Not everyone will be able to make it big in Riot's newest tactical shooter, but there are some that we think will definitely have tremendous success in VALORANT.

CS GO professionals who can make it big in Valorant

1. Oscar Mixwell Cañellas Colocho

The Spaniard, who was once known for his potential in the CS: GO team OpTic Gaming, has long since retired. His CS: GO fans will remember him, however, because he helped the OpTic roster reach and reach number 2 in the world rankings.

He now plays VALORANT professionally and showed a dominant performance with his team last Friday in the group phase of the EU1 Twitch Rival: Valorant Launch Showdown. In Group C games, Team Mixwell defeated Team ZeratoR on Haven 13-2.

They then defeated Team Cyanide 13-2 on the climb and Team Solaaaa 13-3 on the climb again.

2. Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom

ScreaM was celebrated as a "one-tap" god in the CS: GO competition scene. When he decided to switch to VALORANT, his fans expected the same. Needless to say, the 25-year-old has met all of his promises, and that is exactly what earned him a place on Mixwell's team at Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown.

This Friday, ScreaM made a significant contribution to the team's clean defeat of all opponents.

Previously, ScreaM had also led Team Prodigy to victory at the Fnatic Proving Grounds: Valorant Open tournament, which consisted of players such as Mixwell, Dafran, KingMezii and Shaiko.

3. Jacob "Pyth" Mourujärvi

Similar to ScreaM, Pyth retired from the professional CS: GO because he found VALORANT to be much more satisfying.

On May 7, Pyth said in his TwitLonger contribution that VALORANT had revived his competitive spirit. “I found a new spark in the new game, Valorant, that I'm addicted to. This is a fresh start for me and I enjoy it very much and grind at least 12 hours a day with the aim of becoming one of the best players in the best team. ”

His successes in CS: GO revolve around his 18-month career at NIP and how insanely good he was with a Deagle. He even helped NIP win many events, including IEM Oakland 2016 and DreamHack Masters Malmo 2016.

4. William "Draken" Sundin

Draken was once a player in the NIP; However, this Swedish AWPer's journey in the CS: GO Pro scene was quite complicated.

After Draken was hired by NIP in 2018, his CS: GO career became extremely unstable. He was in and out of teams all the time and even came back to NIP as a replacement. He also had a short career in Fnatic before finally moving to GamerLegion. It's been on a downward trend ever since!

Although Draken has not yet decided to move permanently to VALORANT, he has shown enough promise in the game, especially when he broke through the Mixwell team this Friday.

5. Niels "LuckeRRR" Jasiek

LuckeRRR was once a promising German CS: GO talent and could never really top the professional ladder. He jumped from one team to another like uX, EYES ON U, WiseWizards and BIG

Now he's constantly looking for a career at VALORANT and is now playing with the Valorando team.