5 Efficient Ways to Fix CS:GO High Ping

High ping is a constant problem in online games - and CS: GO is no exception. CS: GO High Ping is one of the most common problems that players face. This can lead to bottlenecks and a lot of frustration among dedicated players. Here we try to solve the problem by a number of workarounds.

The problems with CS: GO High Ping now seem to be something players have got used to. No matter what efforts are made to save yourself from high ping problems, there is simply no answer to the problem. Another problem in this regard is that there is no single solution and it varies from player to player. It is usually related to internet connection problems, but there are a few things you can try to fix high ping, apart from updating your internet.

This is how you check your ping time

If your ping is below 30 milliseconds, you can usually play online games easily. However, if it is over 100 milliseconds, there will definitely be lagging issues.

If you don't know how to display your ping time, follow this guide:

Step one: Start CS: GO. Click the gear icon in the left pane to open the Settings window. Then go to the game settings and finally to the Game tab. Scroll through the list below to find Enable Developer Console (~) and choose Yes.

Step two: Exit the Settings window. Press the ~ key on your keyboard to bring up the command line window in CS: GO.

Step three: Enter net_graph 1 in the command line window and click Submit. You can enter net_graph 0 to undo the change.

Minimum Bandwidth and PC Requirements

Aside from a slow internet connection, there are other things that can cause a high ping, e.g. B. your PC settings, the server on which you want to play CS: GO, or bandwidth hogging applications. We also emphasize that your bandwidth must be sufficient to meet the needs of your game. For CS: GO, everything that lies above a 4 Mbit / s connection is good to go.

An old network adapter, less memory, and a GPU can cause problems with high ping and lag. Check the minimum requirements for the game and make sure your PC fits it.

Minimum Requirements 
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-Bit
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 460
Hard Disk8GB
Resolution1024 x 768

How to solve high ping

Here are four solutions you can try to reduce your latency. The right one could be either of them or just one. This depends on what your high latency can cause. There is a lot you can do other than get faster internet:

Fix one: Play on wired connection

Many people neglect a critical aspect when fixing CS: GO High Ping. Yes, it's easy and playing through a wireless connection through your router, but seriously, mobility won't help you while playing. We will not go into the technical aspects of either scenario, nor will we compare them here.

Instead, we just want you to trust us and switch your connection to a wired connection. A plus point with a cable connection is that you don't have to worry about other simultaneous connections that could affect your bandwidth during matchmaking.

Fix two: Restart your modem and router

This is so common that it turns into a meme, but it can work. Restarting your modem and router will clear the accumulated cache, especially if it has not been switched off for a long time. Just give them some time to coo.

Fix three: Close your background downloads

Torrent software, although there are no active downloads, is consuming your bandwidth. If you need to download something very urgent, we recommend that you keep bandwidth allocation to a minimum.

However, it is very emphasized that if you want to play high ping without CS: GO, you should completely close all background downloads before matchmaking. This includes closing your web browser and chatting software such as Skype, Viber, etc. If you are a serious player, Raidcall is the best software for this.

Fix four: Disable your antivirus software

Although firewalls and security software are there to protect you, the software can affect your bandwidth and slow down your download speed. You can try disabling security software that may be running on your computer before playing CS: GO.

Fix five: Disable updates

While these are some basic things, many CS: GO players neglect them. The usual Windows update is often left untouched, and as you play the game, these background updates result in large latency peaks that you often observe during the game. The problems with high CS: GO ping can be significantly reduced if you deactivate the updates. Seriously, the updates can wait.

One thing that many of you may not know is related to Steam updates. From time to time, Steam users are blessed with updates. If you want to play CS: GO, you may have canceled the update to sign in immediately. However, the update is never canceled. As soon as you log in to Steam, the update starts automatically in the background without you even knowing it.

Unlike game updates, which usually pause as soon as you play a game, Steam updates continue to run regardless of what you do. Therefore, you need to be patient and let Steam download the updates so that they don't lead to CS: GO High Ping the next time you play.