How to improve aim in CS:GO 2020

A good aim is a must if you want to level up in CS: GO. And no matter how good your goal is, it is always possible to improve. If this is your first time trying to get into Global Elite or just want to improve, check out our guide on how to improve your aim in CS: GO. Our CS: GO guide to improving your aim has several ways to improve your aim in CS: GO, including details on the best aim training modes and aimtraining exercises.

Improve Aim in CS GO

While some players are naturally talented when it comes to aiming, others need to work tirelessly to see any visible signs of improvement. In a game like CS: GO, aiming relies heavily on muscle memory and waits for the enemy to move. This means that increasing your knowledge of the game is also important in order to improve your goal in CS: GO. Then practice more to make the change.

Here are some of the best methods we've used to improve our own aim. While it seems like a lot of hard work for a video game, when you start getting those headshots with ease it is extremely rewarding. Not only do you benefit from CS: GO, but all the other shooting games you play on PC too!

Prepare your mouse and keyboard settings

It is imperative that you have a gaming mouse and mousepad with a smooth surface and an adequate desk cover.

Gaming mice let you adjust their sensitivity, or DPI (dots per inch), and have much better sensors than the common plastic that comes with PCs. Not only does this mean you can adjust the mouse sensitivity to one that's right for you, but it's also more accurate and responsive when aiming at opponents.

When it comes to a mouse pad and keyboard, make sure you have one that is a good size for your desk but not too small. Otherwise, there is a risk of simply sliding the mouse off the pad at a low DPI. Having more space to play will completely fix this problem.

Position your crosshairs wisely and know how to pre-aim

The position of the crosshair is one of the most important aspects in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when trying to reach higher ranks like Global Elite or Level 10 in Faceit. Many less experienced players have a tendency to aim for the ground, which results in having to go up every time they spot an opponent.

Remember, this altitude is constantly changing based on the distance between you and enemy players. Your overall experience will play a huge role here as most CS: GO players can predict when to expect an enemy player while playing their favorite cards.

Learning to stay calm is essential here, too, as panic can cause you to target places other than your head. Even if it doesn't look like it during a game, the bullet spray should cover most of your torso and shoulders so you should only focus on aiming for the head at all costs.

The movement of the crosshairs shouldn't be irregular, but rather flow smoothly from one point to another as it travels across the map. Focus on getting everything right until it becomes an automatic process.

If you are unfamiliar with a map, it can lower your goal significantly. Although the exercise is essentially a reflex and carries over to other cards / games, knowing how to aim beforehand will help you prepare mentally.

Know when to touch and spray

Most players, especially those in the lower ranks, are guilty of spraying in panic mode. While spraying isn't a flawed way to take out someone exceptionally close to you, it degrades your accuracy more than expected.

By tapping, players can tap into a mechanic called First Shot Accuracy to help them get a guaranteed shot under certain circumstances. This is one of the most advanced tricks in CS: GO when it comes to aiming and can only be mastered with experience and immense training.

You can find lots of YouTube guides explaining how to use and train this mechanic to abuse in private lobbies. Even if you can't understand these mechanics, tapping instead of spraying will improve your accuracy because spraying will dramatically increase the range of your weapon.

With a quick tap instead of spraying, you can always keep your target under control. However, this doesn't mean you have to stop spraying entirely. If there is less than an inch between you and the enemy player, spraying is always better because the distance between them is not big enough for bullets to be wasted. With more experience and practice, it will also become easier to make this decision.

cs go practice

An essential part of improving your goal is practicing, practicing, and more practicing to improve your vision accuracy and build some muscle memory. Having a big goal and destination is one of the most shocking ways to do well in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Because of this, your main skill should be to work on it. Follow SSEGAMES to get more CS: GO news and CS: GO Skins Trading Infomations.