New CS:GO Gun Range World Record

If someone says CS: GO is more than just a game, it's because Counter-Strike is much more than competitive gunplay. Since starting users have found creative ways to enjoy different aspects of the game, one of them is speed running through the CS: GO "Gun Range".

Counter-Strike: The Global Offensive world record was broken twice.

Two players exceeded the record time in CS:GO's training area within a few hours and posted their times on the game's subreddit. CSGO's firing range serves as a training stage for new players to get used to the game's novel recoil and movement systems.

Hedip holds the csgo record

A French gamer named "Hedip" shared his world record run, completing the entire "Gun Range" course in just 17.6 seconds under the "64 Tick" server category and the "AK-47" weapon category. He set the record a month ago, beating the previous record of 17.9 seconds set by a Welsh player back in February. The video shows the player taking advantage of the gun's increased penetration and single-shot headshot ability to kill the enemies within range faster. The world record holder beat a few more rabbits in the last section of the range and catapulted them both to the finish line and to the new world record.

This is Hedip's record breaking 17.6 second run through the gun range at 64 ticks with an AK-47. The following run was uploaded by the user in late June and since then no one has broken their record under the above category.

While the player using the bizon came a few hours before the other, the AK player beat his time by a total of 2.4 seconds.

CSGO's training map was perceived by many players as not being accurate for the game, especially because the CS:GO developers added new weapons and mechanics to the game. Also, new players are not taught some of the basics of movement in CSGO, e.g. These include crouching, using the penalty and forward movement keys to cross ladders faster, or the correct way to use grenades to stop or delay onslaught in the game's popular competitive mode.

Fortunately for the players, many users have created their own practice maps with aim practice and movement modes designed to help players hone their skills in the notoriously difficult to learn shooter game.