The Winners Of The Dota 2 ESL One Birmingham 2020 Online

After around two weeks of competition, the results for the Dota 2 ESL One Birmingham 2020 Online have finally been determined. While a live competition was originally planned, ESL One Birmingham was later turned into an online tournament. While Dota 2 has six regions, the Birmingham tournament has divided them into four regions: China, Europe / CIS, North America / South America and Southeast Asia. We look at the results of the different regions below.

Stay on top

Fnatic has once again proven why it is now the top team in the Southeast Asia region. That's not all, because this tournament was apparently all about Fnatic and BOOM Esports. At the end of the group phase, BOOM was in the lead, followed by Fnatic. This meant that the two teams faced each other in the first round of the playoffs and Fnatic scored a 2-0 win over BOOM.

BOOM fell back into the losing round, but won 2-0 against Geek Fam. BOOM and Fnatic faced each other again in the Grand Final. Fnatic won the first game and BOOM won the second game. After that, it was all Fnatic that won the main prize.

Back to form

PSG.LGD appears to be back for the China region, although the list may be different. LGD ended the group stage with only one loss. It was no different during the playoffs. In the first round, LGD won 2-0 against Invictus Gaming in games that lasted more than 40 minutes. In the second round, the games were shorter and LGD beat Royal Never Give Up 2-0.

In the final it was a rematch between LGD and IG. PSG.LGD won the first game that was close. However, IG would not back away and win the second game. That seems to have taken IG's wind away when LGD won the next two games. The third game ended in about 20 minutes, while the last game ended in less than 30 minutes.

With the victory, LGD seems to be an opportunity to regain a foothold in the region.

Prove oneself

While Evil Geniuses had the advantage of entering the tournament, it also meant that they had a goal on their back. This was particularly true for many new teams in North America and South America. CR4ZY took the lead in the group phase early on. However, when they reached the winning round, it was Quincy Crew who had the advantage of reaching the grand finale with a 2-0 win. In the losers round, CR4ZY played two long games against EG and managed to beat them.

In the Grand Final it was Quincy and CR4ZY again and it was pretty much a repeat of the winning round. Quincy not only swept his opponent, but also in style.

What is the magic number?

The largest region was the CIS and Europe regions with 16 participating teams. With many strong teams in this tournament, it was Team Secret that took the championship home. There were two things that excited the fans in this tournament.

In the group stage, Secret experienced its first defeat since winning and being unbeaten in the OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online. After that, however, there were all victories when Secret ended the group stage associated with Team Nigma.

In the first round of the playoffs, Alliance managed to get Secret in the bottom row. Good teams know that being in the lower bracket is not that much of a problem, and Secret has more than proven it. In their fight for the grand finale, they lost only one game. They won 2-0 against FlyToMoon before defeating Nigma 2-1. They then faced VP.Prodigy and swept them 2-0. This meant that they faced Alliance again in the Grand Final.

The first game of the Grand Finals was a defeat in which Secret won 31-4 and ended in under 30 minutes. The second game was pretty similar with a 31-7 win and again barely made it to 30 minutes. Alliance did their best in the third game and this time went over 40 minutes. Nevertheless, the victory went to Secret. Do you want to guess how Kills Secret can be killed? If you guessed 31, you get the grand prize since the end result was 31-22.

This may end a tournament, but much more happens. What is your favorite moment in this tournament? By the way, if you're a DOTA 2 fans and wanna to exhange real money for your spare dota 2 skins, you can sell to us, safely and quickly!