How to Improve Crosshair Placement in CSGO

If there is one thing that advanced players could say when they started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it could be focusing on better crosshair placement.

It's all right and good when you tell a player when he starts, but it's a vague statement to make in a game that has so much more to learn. Some beginners don't even know what a good crosshair placement means, let's know about how to practice it.

Crosshair placement do need practice, but before a player can practice a good habit, they need to know if their existing habits are bad or not. Here are some examples of poor crosshair placement and the reasons why they are bad.

Best crosshair placement for CSGO players and beginners

Each player had the moment when he was taken out as soon as he entered a bomb, or immediately deleted when he turned a corner. The problem is even more frustrating when the player sees the enemy first but still loses the duel. There are two main reasons for this.

The first reason is that the player was pre-fired. CSGO players often throw this term around, but many don't know what it means. Without going too deep, it simply means shooting at an angle where the player believes the enemy will be before they actually see the enemy. These hints usually come from the sound, but the immediate kill comes from good crosshair placement

The second factor is generally that the enemy had an excellent crosshair position. If players really want to improve, this is one of the first things they need to work on.

Consider this situation:

It's a late round two on two on Mirage. There is not much time left, so the two remaining attacking players decide to approach the A bomb. The defenders also played to protect A by placing themselves defensively inside the bomb. A CT player has aggressively pushed himself up the ramp and is waiting in this position in the corner.

As the highlighted green area shows, if the CT player needs to adjust his goal, he moves up or down. These shots, especially taking into account the small choke point in the T-ramp, mean that the defender has an automatic advantage if the T-player is not difficult to remove with utility.

CSGO attackers need to clear sites so that they have good crosshair placement

When the Ts come around the corner, they have a lot more to worry about. You have to think of the ramp corner, but also of stairs that close the CT corner and even on top of the flowerpot. This means that when they come around the corner, the crosshairs may not be close to the defender's actual location.

The only way the T survives in this situation is a crazy streak or a major adjustment of its crosshair position. The attacker in the picture above does not consider anything special when entering, which immediately disadvantages him.

Your crosshair is in the middle of the screen, where no enemy is found. And when they turn the corner, they have to compete with a CT player when they already know they are coming. Good crosshair placement by the attacking T-player could override the defender's position.

How to improve your CSGO crosshair placement

If the attacker hugs the wall and swings his target around the corner, aiming prematurely at where this sneaky CT player is most likely to be, he has almost won his team in the round.

The card itself can help players better target. The line on the wall on the right side of the screen is just one of many ways that CSGO cards give players clues as to where to aim. The line on the wall isn't there to make Mirage pretty. It is a clue that helps players aim their shots before taking a look.

This is only an example. Fortunately, crosshair placement is an easy-to-edit concept. The hard part is always to remember to do it. Often, newer players instinctively move their crosshairs to the ground because tohm allows you to see more of the screen when your weapon is tilted down. However, there are some helpful console commands in CSGO that can work around this problem.

Our coverage of CSGO's Viewmodel commands can help put the game's weapons out of the way so players can see more of the battlefield than ever before. After that, it only has to be ensured that a player constantly pays attention to where his crosshair is. If it doesn't indicate where an enemy could be, there is still something to do.

Custom maps are only available for this purpose. Steam user YPRAC reread several cards in the Steam CSGO workshop that allow players to go through one card and fire common angles to teach them exactly where their crosshairs should be at all times. Cards like this are invaluable for both beginners and veterans, but they can really help new CSGO players overcome some of their worst habits at the beginning of their time in CSGO.