Top 5 Amazing CSGO Skins Worth Your Money

In CS: GO and games in general, skins are in-game elements that enhance and personalize your experience in a purely visual way. They don't offer any advantages that would make you a better player, and yet players enjoy a cool-looking AWP instead of a standard AWP or a chic-looking knife. There are psychological reasons for such preferences, but we're interested in the skins themselves and their prices.

Counter-Strike is always about demonstrating your first-person shooter skills, but some fans use them to demonstrate their creative skills. Some choose to create maps, interesting game modes, and many other things. The most creative ideas usually come in the form of skins. These skin ideas usually set fire to social media and have fans ask Valve to add them to their next case release.

Here we've put together a list of five incredibly impressive CS: GO skins ideas, which I think are worth your money.

1. The Empress (AK-47)

The empress offers a nice design for the AK-47. The lively colors and signs on this skin set them apart from many others. But keep in mind that weapons shouldn't ruin your camouflage. Looking good and getting a lot of attention is probably the last thing you want on a battlefield. This could be one of the reasons why The Empress's vibrant colors prevented this artwork from becoming more expensive.

2. Anemoia | M4A4

It is a concept skin from csgo players. Based on the M4A4 theme, hollandje's Anemoia concept would add a funky purple, pink and black variant of the CT assault rifle to the mix of skins already available.

The skin shows two people on a trail against the background of a night sky as well as the outlines of distant mountains and balloons. It would surely stand out among the others.

3. Hyper Beast (five-seven pistol)

The Five-SeveN pistol has great features and feels much more solid than the standard pistol you get on the CT side. Combined with this skin, which is very beautiful, players often get a feeling of firmness that can lead to improved results. The way you feel about a CS: GO weapon significantly affects your accuracy, especially with pistols, simply because they require such subtle movements.

4. Dragon Lore | AWP

No words can explain the beauty and rarity of this weapon. The awp kite science is unique and a dream for an awper.

That brings us to the end of this blog. In this blog we gave a short report on the top 10 skins that every CS: GO player dreams of. We make sure it is updated regularly to keep you informed of the best skins available. We also recommend that you let us know if you think we missed a really good CS: GO skin. If so, give us your insight by leaving a comment below.

5.StatTrak ™ USP-S | Overgrown

There are probably two or three better USP-S skins, but people probably seem to have lost some of their taste when it comes to USP-S. In any case, the StatTrak USP-S is the rarest USP you could ask for. And that's why the USP makes it into the top 5 list.

Next time we'll introduce some most expensive CSGO Skins, and if you need to trade cs: go skins for real money, Ssegames will be your best choice here.